Xiao Wei: Blockchain technology is promising in medical health, food safety and other fields.

According to China Net Finance News, on November 16, "2019 China Quality Meeting Summit and New Technology. New Business. New Economic Forum" was held at the State Administration of Market Supervision. Xiao Yu, a professor and doctoral supervisor at Peking University, said at the meeting that in the medical and health field, every hospital or health institution has its own electronic medical record system, but the data format is not uniform, there are widespread information islands, and medical health data cannot be realized. Good mobility and increased medical burden; in addition, medical information is opaque, prone to data loss or malicious tampering, causing medical disputes. After the transformation of medical health data through blockchain technology, users will truly have their own medical health data. The medical treatment data can be circulated among different hospitals and prescriptions. The medical records can be used for auditing and responsibility of medical accidents. Medical trouble. In terms of food safety, the use of blockchain technology can combat food fraud and promote information transparency in food production and distribution. When there is a safety problem, it is easy to pursue responsibility, create a traceable cross-border food supply chain, use the blockchain to record the production, processing and circulation of food. The nodes participating in the accounting can verify and maintain the information. The chain cannot be tampered with. In the health care products industry, there are chaotic effects such as arbitrarily exaggerated effects and product ingredients. For example, the production-related information is unclear, and the efficacy and ingredients of the health care product remarks are inconsistent with the information on the sales products. If the ingredients and effects of health care products are verified by authoritative departments and then recorded using blockchain technology, the information is open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with. Consumers can query through the blockchain browser at any time.