ChainNode evaluation: Bit Shield Watch2 generation hardware wallet

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I am a little bit of Babbitt's "Eight Questions" column .

In the last issue we just experienced the blade of the bit shield .

Today we continue to try the Bit Shield Watch II for everyone – this is the hardware wallet of the same door.

<Out of the box experience time>

I have seen our partner in the evaluation video last year and should have some understanding of the bit shield.

What is the difference between this secondgeneration shield watch that I got today and the generation (table)?

Let's take a closer look.

In the recently tested wallet, the second generation of the bit shield is a big one. The second generation shield is also much larger than the first generation.

I don't know what are the different accessories?

Peel off the label on the junction of the plastic film and the box.

Presented in front of us is the wallet body and the matching strap embedded in the foam cotton.

The lower layer is the user manual, product introduction card, and two seed cards, as well as a small leather case with a seed card, a USB magnetic charging cable.

However, such a large package does not have a dedicated charging head.

<Getting started with experience>

Is it really Apple Watch that I bought?

Take it to compare with the 4th generation of Watch in my hand.

The second generation of the Bit Shield Watch is very slippery and practical, even more delicate than the Apple Watch, and the baby's skin feels like a touch.

After careful comparison, you will find that the watch of the second generation of Watch is the same strap of Apple.

Let's take another look at the charging cable, which is exactly the same as Apple's. This is very different from the Bit Shield Watch generation.

The appearance of the screen is almost exactly the same as the Apple Watch.

Therefore, the hardware part of this Bit Shield Watch watch may be from Foxconn, like the Apple Watch.

Don't worry, the price of the Apple Watch is 3-4000, and the second generation of the Bit Shield Watch is only 999.

BITHD WATCH2 generation-1120 upload typesetting picture-1

(The left side of Figure 1 is the second generation parameter for the right side of the generation parameter)

Compared with the bit shield generation, the first generation is very industrial. The second generation is very crafty. All in all, I am very satisfied with the appearance of the second generation of the Bit Shield. Of course, this is also lack of new ideas. The wallet lacks some of its own design features.

Let's operate:

Long press the button at the bottom right of the dial


Turn on Bluetooth and Bitmap app

Click on "Connect BITHD"

Find the wording device named "BITHDXXXX (a string of numbers)"

Click on the link

Enter "Bluetooth Pairing Code"

Pairing success

Since using this wallet for the first time

APP prompts me to verify the BITHD security code


Name the wallet and set it to "ChainNode"

Initialize the PIN code

Worth to talk about

PIN code is displayed out of order on the OLED screen

Then use your phone to enter

This treatment fundamentally put an end to the mobile phone being hacked into by hackers.

The event that caused the PIN to be stolen by three parties

Followed by copying mnemonics

Verification testimony ···

Both of these operations are done on the hardware wallet.

The above operation is completed

We returned to the "asset transceiver" interface on the APP.

<transaction experience>

It is basically the same as the blade operation we used in the previous issue.

We still take the example of sending and receiving an Ethereum.

Switch to ETH system on APP, enter PIN


This piece, copy the address link or scan the QR code to refer the assets to other platforms and wallets in BITHD.


1. Paste the payment address / scan the other party's QR code to get the address / save your usual address to the address book, directly select the address in the address book for transfer

2. Enter the transfer amount

3. Click Confirm to build the transaction.

4. Enter the correct PIN code according to the watch screen out of order PIN

5. Check the amount and address displayed on the watch screen

6. After clicking “OK” without error, check the miner's fee and press “OK”.

The transaction is broadcast

Waiting for the assets to arrive is just fine.

<Review time>

Bit Shield is a full open source hardware wallet that is still being made in China.

This time we got new products from the Bitt, which were the result of more than a year of experience and technology precipitation improvement after the launch of the 17-generation product. The experience is smoother.

Bit Shield Watch II is a portable and easy to use cold wallet. And now the hardware wallet, almost all need a little understanding of the hot wallet, it is easier to get started. As a cold wallet, it has higher security than a hot wallet while having convenience. It is a good choice for users who have a large number of currencies to store and seek convenience. From the point of view of the watch, its appearance is very similar to Apple's watch. But if you don't like the style of the watch, or don't like to wear any accessories, it may not be very good for you.

I believe that with the development of the asset security industry, more types of wallets will continue to come out, you will be able to find the most suitable wallet to protect your own asset security.

<personal experience rating>

Note: subjective rating, for reference only

Appearance 5

Safety 5

Easy to use 3

Portable 4

End of the Egg: Those things about the iceplate help word board ~

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