Jia Nan Technology Zhang Nan’s two or three things

Author: super king

The article that was pushed the day before yesterday, " Zhang Nanxuan, from the school to the Nasdaq | Super Jun ", was once again screened up today, probably because of the listing date, as the first block of the blockchain, everyone is very excited. Even the marketing department of a US stock company in the background contacted me, let me pick up their advertisements, saying that I bought Jia Nan Zhizhi, and I went to an app cloud. However, I was upset and rejected them. After all, we are embarrassed, all kinds of bloody listings, just think that your mainstream stock market funds can flow into our blockchain, how can you help you advertise and transfer the money to the stock market? One inch of Dan Xin, the sun and the moon can be learned, a song of loyalty rang in the chest.

In the afternoon, the old cat came to Shenzhen. I ran to Futian and he had an afternoon tea to talk about life and industry. On the subway back, the big man (the source he always wanted to interview) finally gave me a call, he was busy. Finished the matter at hand, and my voice, told a few short stories.

"Pumpkin (ngzhang) is a kind person."

Dalat went on to say,

"I have supported him from beginning to end."

Bitcoin is the most powerful and most attackable, and only twice. One was Nakamoto Satoshi from January to February 2009. At that time, the ancestor master mastered 80-100% of the computing power of the whole network; the second time was Zhang Nanxuan from February to March 2013, and he was three hundred Ava Long calculation power is equal to 80% of the total network computing power. Ink also said in the message that "a mining machine topped my four shelves of graphics computing power (about 180 ATI 5850). I know that the new era has arrived."

But he did not hesitate to quickly spread the mining machine to the world, he did not intend to be a mine. In the process of dispersing bitcoin computing and making Bitcoin network more robust, Zhang Nanxuan, roast cats and aunts of open source mining pools have made tremendous contributions, which are worth remembering in future history books.

In 2014, ngzhang (Zhang Nanxuan) opened Weibo, and one day there was a high-profile publicity at a very sensitive moment. It was too high-profile, so he silently reminded on Weibo that everyone should not be too embarrassed, don’t think that the network now has More sturdy, if there are hundreds of millions of dollars, you can still attack 51. At this moment, I think of Nakamoto, who did not agree with Assange’s Wikipedia to use Bitcoin as a channel for donation. It is the same path. Don't challenge the power of ignorance until you are strong enough to defend.

Bitcoin is so successful today, not born. This is an effort that cannot be separated from a wave of people who are based on ideals, based on interests, or both. Although Bitcoin leaves anyone, it still works; however, everyone who contributes to Bitcoin is worthy of admiration.

Back to Avalon, Avalon was first known in the community, except for ngzhang, and Guo Yifu, who is mainly responsible for the specific sales of mining machines, but he has long been in the United States, the largest for mining machines. In the market, Chinese miners say communication is very inconvenient. Later, Guo Yifu, I have seen one side, probably in 2016. At that time, Wu Jihan organized a meeting of bitcoin developers and community dialogues in Beijing. Guo is the bridge responsible for communication between the two. Young is a liberal.

In the second half of 2015, it was the most difficult time for Avalon. During the year, Avalon’s mining machine was overtaken by ants. Guo Yifu, who was responsible for the sale of mining machines, has left the team. Zhang Nanyi has distributed the remaining shares to his partners Li Jiaxuan and Liu Xiangfu. They insisted on finding a new sales team and digesting the remaining mine inventory.

At this time, Zhang Nanzhen even agreed to the proposal of big customers to buy miners to send shares. My friends xk and yzy are the top five customers of Avalon. They are all digested mine stocks at that time, supporting the main force of the new Avalon R&D. . For the matter of sending shares, yzy said softly at the last minute, forget it, the shares are left to you. I don't think it is because of the generosity. It is very likely that he did not see the future of Avalon at the time. As a result, other people did not say anything about stocks.

At this time, the foresters in Hangzhou took a fancy to Avalon. The rumors of the forests were the members of the original Zhejiang Provincial Swimming Team. After the sea, they were quite competitive. At that time, the foresters sold a house to raise money, and at the same time, they pulled Kong Jianping and Kong Jianping. I recommended the Changsanyuan, and invested 20 million yuan together. I joined Avalon and established the Hangzhou company. Hangzhou company has been responsible for all the sales work of Avalon, especially outstanding, engaged in various marketing methods, loans to sell mining machines, assist in the construction of mines, etc., very effective. (The forester teacher is also in my circle of friends, I am sorry to verify, if there is a mistake, please beat me)

Several times, this time will be listed, and Jia Nan’s wisdom will be said to be a good time. On the mines and rivers and lakes, there is the same as the Southern Emperor and the Northern Dynasties, which correspond to Yang Zuoxing, Jenke Tuan, Zhang Nanxuan, and Jiang Xinyu (roasted cats). However, in just one month, the rivers and lakes fought, first the Jank group put Yang Zuoxing into a lawsuit. Among them, then Wu Jihan will put the Jank group in the next position, and the roast cat teacher has long been missing for many years, looking around this river and lake, probably at this time, Zhang Nanxuan has the loneliness of blowing snow like Ximen, the past three opponents are in the dark moment. Only he is in the high light hours.

For the other two, I don’t know how Zhang Nanyi cares. He always cherishes the missing roast cat. In the recent Weibo debate, he discussed the contribution to the decentralization of bitcoin computing. He saw only him and When I was aunt, I quickly replied that I could not forget to roast the cat. Looking far and wide, probably miss the opponent and partner of Gemini moment.