Li Ming, China Electronics Standardization Institute: Different countries have different priorities for standards

On November 10th, at the 2019 “Zhongzi Gravity” conference, Li Ming, director of the Blockchain Research Office of the China Electronics Standardization Institute, said that from a global perspective, different countries have different priorities for standards. For example, the United States is more concerned with the foundation. Common standards. Germany is more biased towards engineering standards, such as the industrial blockchain is their focus; Japan is more concerned with service standards, such as blockchain-based services and application practices. Therefore, different countries have different priorities depending on their own characteristics. China and foreign experts are jointly setting standards at the basic level of terminology and reference architecture. The main work in the country is based on the best practices of each block chain head enterprise, abstracting it into standards. We hope to make China's blockchain industry develop in line with international standards by contributing China's best practices to the world and drawing on the achievements of international standards.