What is the experience of buying coins, buying a house, and buying shares?

In 2017, in July, a very young coin investor flew from Beijing to Shenzhen to find me. Find me how to save my own currency. I was shocked to see the coins on his cloud account. Really rich.

I taught him how to download various wallets, bitcoin wallets, Ethereum wallets, EOS's ERC20 token wallet, SC wallet, etc.; how to back up the private key; how to recover the private key on another computer; how to send the currency currency. I also talked about what is going to be the BTC segregation testimony and the big block split, and how to get the BCC (the BCH was called BCC at the time).

Busy all day. After I completely stared at himself and finished the operation twice, I completed the complete operation of “Download Wallet-Backup Wallet-Receipt-Silver-Recover Wallet-Silver”. He gave me 2000 yuan tuition and then sat. The plane returned to Beijing.

After only two days, I got a call from him and I was very depressed. He deleted the wallet file on the computer without backing up the private key, and also emptied the trash can, which contained 240,000 EOS (then ERC20 token). Ask me if there is any way to recover.

His computer is Apple Mac Air, SSD Hard Drive, MacOS System.

He is willing to pay me 40,000 EOS after recovery. I suggested that he take a new mac, repeat the process of deleting the wallet file that he experienced, and then go to the data recovery company to recover. If you can recover, take the computer that actually lost 240,000 EOS to recover.

The result is of course that 240,000 EOS is really lost. The SSD hard disk deletes data by mistake, and the recovery probability is almost zero.

In September 2017, the price of EOS fell to more than three, I said, you buy back 240,000 EOS, according to 3.5 yuan, it is lost 840,000 yuan instead of 240,000 EOS.

On September 4, 2017, encrypted digital currency encountered strong policy obstruction in China. He was stunned by his father, and he did not buy EOS. Instead, he cleared the coins. I just accidentally peeked at his cloud account. Three-digit bitcoin, many Ethereum, 4-digit quantum chain, n-digit SC, ….

He lost at least 10 million yuan in the currency.

In 2019, November, just a few days ago. Contact him on WeChat and talk for a while. After talking for a while, he never lost a penny in the currency, because he had never touched it. However, this year his family lost more than 4 million in the house.

In 2016, his father's company was successfully listed, and it is reasonable to reward his own house as a boss. His family bought a villa in Changping, more than 18 million. That turned out to be the highest point of house prices, at least until now it is the highest point. It is Beijing.

The house has a loan, and in the past three years, the interest has been paid a lot.

Such a luxurious villa, the furniture inside is embarrassed to put cheap. He bought a tea table, a whole large stone called a stonemason carving and polishing at home. It took hundreds of thousands. The house is sold, and this thing can't be taken away. It takes more money to take it away.

In 2019, something went wrong and he needed a lot of money. He sold the house. Recovered 15 million. He told me that the house is still reliable, less than the currency, only lost more than 4 million. It’s still like talking and laughing, people who have seen big money.

In fact, it is stocks that are less reliable than coins. At the end of 2018, his father’s business partner, his true brother, took him to court. The court ruled that it would freeze his stake, worth hundreds of millions of shares. Hey.

After the company goes public, his stock can't be sold. But stocks can be pledged to brokers, with a 50% pledge rate. Big deal is equivalent to 50% off selling stocks.

After the listing, the stock price has fallen too much. As a boss, I still have confidence in my own business. Pledge one's own stock loans and dip the stocks in the market.

As the price falls further, further pledges and additional positions. Finally, the price fell to the explosive line, and there is nothing to do. Faced with the risk of breaking the position, the brothers went to court and told him that the court had frozen the stocks he had pledged at the brokers and prevented the brokers from closing the positions.

In 2019, the stock price rose back, and the brokerage was not vegetarian. In the end, everyone reached a settlement. But the finale, I don't know.

Seeing him as a tall building, he watched him banquet guests and saw him collapse.

I only had one side with him, just to understand the story of him and the currency more clearly, room and stock, I just listened to him talking a few mouths, can not know more details.

Everything is wanted, it is a disease. We humans are always very greedy. Wanting more money is just a small part of greed. It is also a kind of greed to want to do more things and want to involve more fields. Anything, I feel that there is a chance, and an impulse will be on.

I don’t know my ability circle, I’m getting what I’m good at, and getting more lessons, not making money.

In 2018, if I don't do anything, it would be fine. I am distressed by the stupid things that I did in 2018. It may take me ten years to forgive my own stupidity last year. Every time I think about it, I feel like eating a fly.

A better strategy is to build a capacity circle that can be replicated on a large scale, or a capacity circle that expands the marginal cost to zero. Just like selling books, writing them, you can sell them for a lifetime.

We want unlimited possibilities in life, which is wonderful. We need to be careful to get out of our ability circle, be careful about trial and error, and don't be afraid to go slow.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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