Jiang Zhengtao, Communication University of China: Blockchain makes the calculation of cryptography itself worthwhile

On November 8th, at the seminar on “Blockchain Technology and Copyright Protection”, Jiang Zhengtao, an associate professor at the School of Computer Science of Communication University of China, interpreted the relationship between blockchain and copyright protection from the perspective of cryptography. He said: "Cryptography used to be a technology of 'losing money', which is pure overhead. After the blockchain, the calculation results themselves have value. For example, electronic goods, bitcoin, copyright information, etc. have their own value, so the block The chain in turn activates new applications in mathematics and cryptography. Moreover, the blockchain can record all transactions that occur, effectively avoiding fraud. In addition, the blockchain has a low cost for low-value, real-time copyright data records. Compared with traditional practices, the blockchain can save the manpower and material resources of the right holders to submit materials and wait for approval. The value of the works is relatively low but large. The works can provide better protection channels.