Iqiyi Company Legal Director: Iqiyi Legal Team has been paying close attention to blockchain development in recent years.

On November 8th, at the seminar on “Blockchain Technology and Copyright Protection”, iQiyi’s legal director Hu Huiji said that in addition to video, iQiyi also has product lines such as games, literature and e-commerce. The content resources related to the copyright industry are very rich. "Our demand for copyright industry protection is very strong and very urgent." Hu Huiji introduced that for combating piracy, Iqiyi Company has invested a lot of manpower and resources, not only on the line, but also on the offline, and the pressure for evidence is very high. . In the future, as the company's business goes abroad, there will be requirements for international copyright protection cooperation, so the iQiyi legal team has been paying close attention to the development of blockchain in recent years.