Baidu intelligent cloud blockchain leader: The first quarter of this year, blockchain application industry distribution survey shows that finance and government affairs account for a relatively high

On November 21st, at the Sequoia Holiday Hotel in Beijing, “Innovative Application, Delivering Value Baidu Smart Cloud Techday Blockchain Product Salon”, Baidu Smart Cloud Blockchain Leader Liu Wei published titled “Block Chain Technology and A speech on the development trend of the industry, he said that the distribution survey of the blockchain application industry in the first quarter of 2019 showed that finance and government affairs accounted for 36% and 34% respectively, among them, in financial applications, The application of blockchain technology mainly focuses on data sharing, cross-border settlement and inter-bank transactions, supply chain finance, etc.; government applications mainly focus on smart city data collaboration, smart business circle chain integration, blockchain electronic invoice, commercial registration , real estate registration, judicial deposit and evidence collection.