Yao Huanqing, Renmin University of China: blockchain is not omnipotent, technology should be combined with existing conditions

On November 8th, at the seminar on “Blockchain Technology and Copyright Protection”, Yao Huanqing, an associate professor at the Intellectual Property College of Renmin University of China, said that it is easier to maintain and trace copyrights in a single system, but to achieve interoperability between different platforms. It is a big problem. Copyright is different from other rights. For example, a literary work with a few words may be considered as two different works in the blockchain certification, but it does not constitute infringement in judicial determination. Therefore, the blockchain is not a panacea, for example, it cannot solve the problem of infringement comparison. Therefore, in Yao Huanqing's view, technology should be combined with existing conditions, such as letting blockchain technology companies cooperate with notary agencies, using blockchain technology to upgrade under the existing regulations of the notary office, which can truly make technology Help humans solve legal problems and realize the protection of rights.