SheKnows live | "New Three Board" godfather Cheng Xiaoming: Jia Nan Zhizhi may return to Hong Kong stocks in the future

On the afternoon of November 21st, in the live broadcast of the SheKnows community with the theme of “Jia Nan Zhizhi is going to be listed in the US”, Dr. Cheng Xiaoming, the godfather of the “New Third Board” and the consultant of Chain Link Technology, said that it is clear that Jia Nan’s listing is in Hong Kong. Very positive, but the problem is that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is restricting the listing of mining machine manufacturers. The company will position itself as a supercomputing solution provider to solve the restrictions on Hong Kong trading. This depends on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Attitude, if he welcomes you, then he can say anything. If he doesn't welcome you, even if you change your industry label, he still may refuse to return to the industry. The core of industry positioning is not to see you. The application field of the product, but the technology behind the product, I don’t know much about the mining machine industry. My guess is that the company’s main business is chip design, and then the design solution is commissioned by TSMC to produce the chip, which is then assembled into The mining machine is a computer dedicated to mining. The company should belong to the chip design industry, so this time it will position itself as a super-calculation solution. Solution, this refers more to the application field, that is, this chip, this mining machine is used for computing solutions, but this can not be called the industry, this should be called the application field, to see what industry is a company, the simplest one The solution is to ask what is the CTO of this company. As far as I know, the founder of the company graduated from Beihang, which should be the chip design. I think there is a possibility of returning to Hong Kong stocks.