Huang Qifan: Bitcoin is impossible to become a legal digital currency

According to the Global Times, on November 21, the 2019 Innovation Economic Forum opened in Beijing. Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said in an interview that as a scholar, as a person who understands the situation, I did say that China may first introduce digital currency. Because I understand that the People's Bank of China has been studying digital currency for five or six years, and the research is more in-depth and relatively in place. I think their progress and achievements are very good. So I think it is possible to introduce digital currency in the future. The digital currency that the central bank will introduce in the future is a legal digital currency, which is of course completely different from Bitcoin. The blockchain bitcoin that appears on the market is currently only a kind of speculative currency. It does not have a real credit base, so it can't really use it as a currency, it can only be used as a speculative commodity. Bitcoin is not stable for investment. Because the currency must be stable, of course it will fluctuate, but it must not be ups and downs. It will rise by 50% in a while and fall by 50% in a while. This (the virtual digital currency represented by Bitcoin) is used as a kind of market speculation. In reality, who is the inventor of Bitcoin, Nakamoto? They are all confused, so Bitcoin can't be a real digital currency at all, and it can't be a legally significant digital currency.