Blockchain strict supervision continues: another batch of blockchain public number has been issued and many places have issued warnings

According to the daily economic news, on the evening of November 20th, Tencent Finance official Weibo said that some blockchain media were micro-envelope numbers, including: deep chain Deepchain, currency circle bond, 壹 block coin, fried coin school and so on. The reason for the stop screen is: the user has complained and passed the platform review, suspected of violating relevant laws, regulations and policies, and the account has been discontinued. The reporter noted that this is not the first time that WeChat has blocked the blockchain from the media public. In August last year, the blockchains such as Firecoin Information, Deep Chain Finance, Cannon Rating, and Coin World Express Service were well-known from the media WeChat public. The number has been subjected to a large-scale closure. Recently, in response to blockchain chaos, relevant regulatory authorities have issued several rectifications. The scope of rectification includes virtual currency trading venues, fraudulent use of the People's Bank in the name of issuing or promoting legal digital currency.