The community proposes that the verifier will be closed down to 10 minutes, and the IRIS client can vote to participate in the chain governance.

On November 21st, a new parameter governance proposal was added to the IRISnet chain. The content of this proposal is to shorten the time for the certifier to cut off from 36 hours to 10 minutes (that is, 10 minutes after slash can be recovered). Previously, IRISnet conducted a parameter governance to increase the difficulty of the verifier's operational nodes, including raising the time required for the certifier to close the line to 36 hours. Since then, the certifier community has had feedback that the 36 hours are too long. IRISnet always puts network security first. At present, IRISnet has been on the main online line for nearly 9 months and is running smoothly, so the IRISnet core team remains neutral on the proposal. Users are welcome to participate in the proposal voting through the latest version of the v2.7 Rainbow wallet. At present, the voting module has been improved and improved, making it easier for users to realize their own network requirements. The proposal has a voting time of 5 days. The modified parameters will be validated on the chain as soon as the proposal passes.
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