Director of the Center for Anti-money Laundering Monitoring and Analysis: Complex structural financial products, virtual currency, etc. become the new channel for money laundering crime

According to the news, on November 21st, at the 9th China Anti-Money Laundering Summit Forum in 2019, Yan Wenjun, director of the Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring and Analysis Center of the People's Bank of China, said that money laundering and all kinds of crimes are always carried out in a fog with legal coats. Its means, methods and channels are constantly being updated. In recent years, complex structural financial products and virtual currency have become new channels for money laundering crimes. Yan Wenjun revealed that the central bank will study and explore the monitoring and analysis of abnormal behaviors in the financial flows of financial institutions and financial holding companies, and gradually incorporate more financial activities and asset expansion activities into the scope of monitoring and analysis; it will explore the establishment of financial institutions, foreign exchange markets, real estate finance, The monitoring and analysis framework for risks in the bond market and cross-border capital flows, in-depth strategic analysis and research, timely identification of various vulnerabilities, risks and threats, and strong support for national macro-decision and management.