Ling listening blockchain 丨嘉楠耘智孔剑平: Listing will allow the blockchain industry to gain higher recognition, absorb and reserve more talents

Jia Nan Zhi Zhi officially listed on the NASDAQ ring tonight and became the "first block of the blockchain." Ling listening to the blockchain interviewed Jia Jian, the chairman of Jianan Qizhi, for the first time, 26 questions, and answered all your questions about Jianan’s listing. For Jianan, why is the listing intention so strong, Kong Jianping said in an interview that the mining company is mainly based on chip design and has a higher degree of compliance, so it is easier to take the IPO. When we were planning for the company in 2015, the digital currency and blockchain industries were not recognized. The way to go public can make the industry more recognized; it can absorb and reserve more talents; at the same time, we can use the power of capital. A better early layout of the entire industry.

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