Report: Ethereum mining pool is increasingly centralized

The ConsenSys research team recently released a report titled "Measurement of Decoupling of Blockchains." The report shows that ETH ownership is increasingly spread across addresses. While this does not necessarily prove that there are more unique individuals involved in the network, ConsenSys said that this may indicate that not all whales and holders have repurchased the encryption bubble at historically low prices. An interesting finding in the report is that over time, four pools began to dominate, with these pools accounting for more than 72% of quarterly block production and more than 83% of all miners. According to the report, the Ethereum mine is an increasingly centralized area, reducing ETH prices, reducing block incentives, and a rather stagnant hash rate have prompted fewer miners to join the network. According to ConsenSys, the Ethereum network switch to the equity proof consensus mechanism will redefine this centralized area and conclude that functional call diversity, DeFi growth and token distribution indicate an overall increase in Ethereum decentralization . The report also pointed out that the complexity of the various layers and the increase in activities on the network are increasing, making it more difficult to measure decentralization in the future.