Economic Daily: blockchains deceive "golden signboards" to falsify is really a top priority

On November 22nd, the Economic Daily published a netizen commentary article, "The blockchain is deceiving the "golden signboard". It is imperative to falsify it." According to the article, behind the blockchain technology, the continually refurbished “fancy-cut leeks” came into being, and the blockchain became the “golden signboard” of deception. At present, China has not yet established a complete governance system to crack down on "blockchain" fraud. It is necessary to speed up the improvement of relevant laws, define relevant behaviors involving blockchains with clear laws and regulations, and provide evidence for cracking down on blockchain fraud in accordance with the law. Legal basis. Promoting economic development through technological innovation is a dynamic process of continuous trial and error. It is also worth noting that companies that claim to be developing blockchain technology are also wary. For the industry, it is imperative to achieve anti-counterfeiting and stay away from false prosperity. In any case, what people need is a blockchain with "sincerity", which is a blockchain that can promote social progress.