Voice of the Central Economics: WoToken wallet and "fortune bird" App and other fake blockchain names

On November 21st, the voice of the Central Radio and Television General Taiwan Economics "Daily 315" focused on "Mo Ling' blockchain's fraudulent weapon". The reporter found that the blockchain application WoToken wallet has been filed by the police for alleged pyramid schemes. The "fortune bird" App, which was investigated and claimed to be a "virtual blockchain exchange", was questioned by investors in the name of the blockchain chain. The fierceness of the blockchain technology has also caused some of the fake blockchain names and the misdeeds of pyramid schemes to rekindle, seriously infringing the interests of investors. Hu Xiao, a lawyer at Beijing Zhongjian Law Firm, reminded that when it comes to blockchain, it will inevitably be associated with virtual currency. But in reality, the blockchain is not the same as "virtual currency" or "digital currency." "It is a technology. In the future, there may be many implementations of this kind of application in this technology. However, the blockchain is definitely not equivalent to virtual currency and digital currency. It cannot be a transaction itself, or it can be taken. To do this kind of target similar to investment. In the above case, it can be seen from the salesmanship that they are typically rewarded and rewarded by the method of 'drums and flowers', which is in line with network marketing. A basic feature, it is recommended to report to the public security organs as soon as possible, do not have a chance to be lucky."