Shenzhen: Four departments use blockchain technology to build an information and information exchange platform

According to Xinhua News, on November 21, the “Shenzhen Four-sector Information and Information Exchange Platform” jointly developed by Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Customs and People's Bank of China Shenzhen Central Branch was officially launched. It is reported that the online platform fully utilizes the blockchain technology to establish trust, collective maintenance, and non-tamperability, and establishes a data list of queries. The information and intelligence data are “interacting on the chain” to realize automatic query, automatic comparison, and automatic Handling, forming a consensus mechanism, clarifying data property rights, ensuring data security and credibility, promoting joint maintenance and utilization of data between departments, jointly conducting monitoring analysis and early warning response, enhancing the real-time and accuracy of supervision, and effectively enhancing the integration of four departments The ability and level of combating tax-related crimes.