Jingyi, Central University of Finance and Economics: Blockchain is not a Bailing party that solves all trust problems.

According to China Net Finance News, on November 22, Wang Jingyi, a lecturer at the School of Finance of the Central University of Finance and Economics and a special researcher at the Digital Finance Research Center of Peking University, said that for the public chain, there is a trade-off between efficiency and centralization. With network centralization, the credibility of its sponsors becomes more and more important; the tokens and coins in the public chain are essentially the same; I personally do not recommend investment in cryptocurrency, and believe that the state bans exchanges and ICO decisions. It is correct and necessary so far. For the alliance chain, its trust comes from the honest ratio of the external protection members; the public trust in the alliance chain products should be based on the trust of its members rather than the blockchain technology; enterprises should be cautious before using the blockchain The blockchain is not the one that solves all the trust problems. It must be clear whether the link that may cause the trust problem is within the scope of the blockchain.