Ling listens to the exclusive 丨孔剑平: Our positioning is to make chips instead of mining machines.

Jia Nan Zhi Zhi officially listed on the NASDAQ ring clock last night, becoming the "first block of the blockchain." Ling listening to the blockchain for the first time exclusive interview with Jia Jian, the chairman of the joint venture, Kong Jianping, 26 questions, one-time answer to all your questions about the listing of Jia Nan Zhi Zhi. Kong Jianping said in an interview that in 2015 we positioned as a chip, not a mining machine. Our income includes chips, mining machines and AI. A few years later, we expect that the blockchain will achieve a 1:1 ratio to the AI ​​business. When talking about the mining business, he also said that the digital currency bitcoin POW calculation requires very low power consumption and high performance of the chip, which is much higher than other chips. And nearly 80% of the cost of a mining machine is a chip, so the profit of selling a mining machine is essentially the profit generated by the chip. The core of mining competition is the competition of chips. Therefore, chip design, supply chain and capital strength are indispensable. The mining machine industry has entered several major leading patterns, and the Bitcoin mining company that is still in the initial financing stage is definitely not a chance.

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