The "TongRumen" report was announced, and the bitcoin was closed?

The long-awaited Muller report (the US-based Prosecutor Muller’s “TongRumen” report to investigate Trump’s existence of Russian suspicion) disclosed the details of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 US presidential election. This is no longer the case. What news? Many people have focused on whether President Donald Trump has participated in the above activities in any form, but it is reported that the report shows that Russian agents with government background are trying to stop Sheila. When Hillary Clinton and Dr. Trump campaigned, Bitcoin was used extensively.


According to the report, agents of the Russian military intelligence agencies used Bitcoin to do everything from buying a VPN to buying a domain name for political propaganda. This is part of the Russian hacker's intervention in the 2016 general election, when Trump won the election, which is beyond everyone's expectations.

Bitcoin transactions are traceable

Although this may not be news for people familiar with cryptocurrencies, Russian agents are clearly misunderstood, that is, their transactions are conducted through cryptocurrencies, but this does not mean that these transactions are anonymous and cannot be tracked. of. In fact, as has been proven many times, bitcoin transactions are not difficult to track due to the existence of some key data.

In this case, when agents of the Russian General Intelligence Service (GRU) tried to evade the traditional financial system and only traded in bitcoin, Muller's investigation team was still able to identify these transactions because they passed the cryptocurrency exchange. Execute the transaction. One of the exchanges involved is the notorious BTC-e, whose founder, Alexander Vinnik, is currently detained in Greece for money laundering and has also been criticized by Russia, the United States and France.

The account created on the exchange requires an email address, and the FBI agents manage to gain access to some of these addresses, and then they can piece together a broader trading route through a public blockchain transaction history. Find out who executed which bitcoin transactions.

In other words, even Russian intelligence agencies have not found out that if they leave even the most insignificant clues to investigators, their entire written record can be revealed. Using Bitcoin for every transaction related to the intervention of the 2016 general election, the result is that Muller's team does not have to do too much work of identifying and trading connections, because basically all work is recorded by the blockchain. Completed. However, Muller did not find clues and evidence on the blockchain, but instead got a Trojan horse program, and he was exposed to the entire financial transaction process of Russian secret intelligence agencies intervening in the US election.

Is Russia playing?

Although Russia has made significant breakthroughs in invading the internal democratic system of the United States, they apparently did not think about fully covering their own tracks. The report states that GRU agents use fake identities and steal identity to create cryptocurrency trading accounts. These accounts are then used to purchase servers and domain names as a tool for hackers while leaking and publishing relevant materials during the attack.

Muller's team can even track the specific identity of agents who use Bitcoin to purchase VPNs. According to reports, this VPN was subsequently used to manage @Guccifer_2, a Twitter account that leaked a lot of information to WikiLeaks and engaged in other activities designed to interfere with the US election.

The impact of the Muller report is not clear, Trump's team temporarily announced victory (the report concluded that there is no clear evidence to prove Trang ordinary Russia), Democrats proposed impeachment, but can be determined now Yes, using bitcoin for secret trading can be an outdated practice. US law enforcement has invested millions of dollars in tracking blockchain, and Muller’s report has become solid evidence that cryptocurrency trading monitoring is now mainstream.