Xun Lei Laixin: At present, the user experience of the blockchain still has a big gap compared with the centralized system.

According to the Science and Technology Daily News, a few days ago, at the 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit, Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Co., Ltd. Xunlei Chain Chief Engineer Lai Xin said in an interview that the user experience of the blockchain is still compared with the centralized system. There is a big gap, the average person adapts to higher thresholds, and a large part of the user experience is caused by the decentralized model of the blockchain; the blockchain as a new infrastructure, how to be in the business Integration, how to integrate with the original business, how the original business migrates to the new technology platform, how the migration costs, etc. are all issues that need to be considered and explored when using the blockchain. For participating companies, even if the use of blockchain can improve business efficiency and reduce trust cost to a certain extent, the operation and maintenance cost of the blockchain system itself needs to be undertaken by the enterprise. At this time, the enterprise needs to consider the return on investment. The problem.