Economic Net: Mo Yun blockchain spring is smashed by Ponzi scheme

On November 22nd, the Economic Network published an article "Mo Yun blockchain spring is confusing by Ponzi scheme." The article pointed out that on October 24th, the door to the blockchain policy opened, and some of the long-lost rivers and lakes liar who hit the blockchain scorpion began to surface again and sang in the circle of friends. The next day, bitcoin rose, and related concept stocks also went up. Two days later, Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume nearly doubled, and a wave of “chives” rushed into the market, fearing that it would follow the trend too late. Yang Wang, a senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Technology of Renmin University of China, said in an interview that ICO is behind nothing, and that the blockchain brand is not seen. From 2013 to 2017, the entire blockchain industry was disrupted. "But we can still see that a group of blockchain entrepreneurs are doing their own thing, although they have experienced the capital cold winter and can't be 'expelled'. So in the blockchain, there is a saying: 'coin' The circle can't afford to be the 'chain' circle of innovation in the blockchain, because the people in the 'chain' circle don't make any money at all. General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the 18th collective study of the Politburo, "blockchain + people's livelihood", “Blockchain+government” and “blockchain+smart city” are the blockchain brands for the government. Doing public welfare and doing government affairs actually does not have much benefit for blockchain companies, but blockchain innovation The people are still doing this because they have awe and trust in the blockchain."