eToro analyst: Bitcoin prices have recently been boosted by the Asian market and are not associated with Wall Street events

According to AMBcrypto, Bitcoin skyrocketed 15% on April 2, and some people linked it to Bitcoin activities on Wall Street. eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said in an interview that financial institutions are taking action on price increases "after the fact". In response to the CFTC report, institutional investors' long positions on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange increased one week before bitcoin prices rose, and Mati Greenspan refuted it and reiterated Wall Street's actions after the rebound. “Even if these actions occur at the same time as the price spikes, it is unlikely to affect the exchange market.” At the same time, it further emphasizes the “cash settlement” nature of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange contract. In addition, for the bitcoin price increase, it believes that "this move originated in the Asian market, of course not Wall Street."