The “blockchain” has become the new “painting skin” of deception, and these words are all routines!

According to CCTV news, as a new way of data management, blockchain technology has broad application prospects by virtue of decentralization and traceability. However, along with the upsurge of the blockchain, there have been various chaos in society. From financial fraud to illegal fund-raising, to illegal pyramid schemes, various scams that engage in illegal activities under the banner of “blockchain” have aroused widespread public concern. Primary routine: big words and high returns; propaganda speech: "Let can make big money while lying down!"; the essence of the scam: circle money to run. Intermediate Routine: Play the concept of high dividends; propaganda speech: "sharing economic benefits are considerable"; the essence of the scam: illegal fund raising. Advanced Routine: High profit from speculative currency; propaganda: "virtual asset financial innovation"; scam substance: illegal pyramid scheme.