Yang Wang, Renmin University of China: Can't say that blockchain and bitcoin are failing

According to the economic network news, Yang Wang, a senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Technology of Renmin University of China, said in an interview that it cannot be said that the blockchain and bitcoin are failing, or that the bitcoin-based investment in such investment transactions is caused by air. It is a failure to use a variety of coins such as coins, because at least bitcoin or air currency is the use of blockchain 1.0. Only after experiencing such chaos can it lead people to rationally view the development of this industry and innovate. Out of the blockchain 2.0 technical intelligence contract. He also pointed out that the risks and benefits must match, and it is a cyclical process. By the time of 2.0, the central banks saw the application of the Ponzi scheme in the blockchain 1.0, and began to attack. In the case of a transaction represented by a special account, the risk of the blockchain 1.0 is eliminated through the bank account system. For China, no commercial bank is allowed to exchange bitcoin. General Secretary Xi Jinping's "blockchain + interconnection", "blockchain + government affairs", "blockchain + people's livelihood", "blockchain + smart city" proposed in October 29, 2019, except for the interconnection In addition to the interoperability category, other single areas have relatively successful cases. These are all based on the blockchain 2.0 stage, which linearizes and digitizes the value carriers of offline traditional assets. The reversal of corporate value is more efficient.