CITIC Bank Xuanqi: Can not overestimate the impact of the blockchain in the short term, nor can it ignore the long-term changes

According to Sina Finance News, Xuan Qi, deputy director of the International Settlement Division of the International Business Department of CITIC Bank, said that the current blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development, just like the Internet around 2000, although it is full of various The possibility of successful large-scale landing applications is very small. For this emerging technology, we cannot overestimate the impact it will bring in the short term, nor can we ignore the long-term changes it brings. It is believed that with the in-depth application of blockchain technology in the financial scene, there will be more transactions and information exchanges to establish an interconnected and mutual trust system through the blockchain, and finally realize a world of “Internet of Everything + Internet of 10,000 Chains”.