Yu Jianing: Can't make blockchain become a regulatory land

According to the Economic Daily, the deputy director of the China Association of Communications Industry Blockchain Special Committee accepted in an interview with Jia Jining that the blockchain is a new field that brings a new digital financial system, but it cannot turn technology into Violation of the shield, can not let the new field become a regulatory depression. In the event of regulatory depression, illegal and criminal acts may be transferred in, disrupting the financial order, and at the same time stigmatizing this new technology and disrupting the normal development of new technologies. Combating illegal crimes is an important measure to promote further innovation, development and integration of the blockchain industry. Develop and utilize blockchain technology to return to technology and application. On the one hand, vigorously promote the application and landing of blockchain technology in trade finance, public services and other fields; on the other hand, the regulatory authorities should be alert to some of the bubble risks of using blockchain speculation and some blockchain projects. Blockchain creates a safer space for development.