Xiao Wei: “blockchain” practitioners must not take the illegal road for profit

On November 19th, Xiao Wei, director of the China Banking Law Society, said at the "Clock Chain Financial Application Prospects and Challenges Seminar" jointly sponsored by the Economic Observer and the New Financiers Alliance that the current criminal law is no longer the end of the year. Arms, under the risk society theory, the criminal law began to take the initiative, financial practitioners do not think that civil law, administrative law has not encountered, the criminal law will not be encountered, the current situation may be the first out of the criminal law. Xiao Wei believes that if the law is unfamiliar and does not comply with the provisions of the law, such as the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services", there are many requirements, such as identity information authentication, time requirements, filing requirements, etc., "blockchain" "Practitioners cannot ignore these regulations. They should study and study. The premise of obeying the law is to know the law, not know the law, and how to abide by the law. In addition, do not misinterpret the law, let alone exploit the law and do a good job of compliance.