Chen Caihong, Distinguished Professor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law: Blockchain is not the end of human technology model

According to the China Financial News Network, on November 21st, at the "Golden Dragons 2nd China Digital Financial Services and Cooperation Development Summit", the president of the "Financial Wealth Management" magazine and the president of eBay Financial Media, Shi Dong said that the figures Finance has become a key kinetic energy for China's economic and social development. The digital economy is the body and digital finance is the blood. It is no longer a vain thing, not just a service and a product or a tool. It is a brand-new system, a new value method that will restructure the financial institution's operating model, service model, and even the entire financial ecosystem. Chen Caihong, a Distinguished Professor of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and former Secretary of the Board of Directors of CCB, said that the blockchain is not the end of the human technology model. The blockchain is a very advanced technology, and the future development space is huge, and it is necessary to find a balance between the functions of social institutions.