Guilin Bank's cross-border financial blockchain dual-currency financing business successfully landed

On November 21, the Guilin Bank Head Office Sales Department and Nanning Branch successfully handled the export receivables financing business on the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, amounting to 2.37 million yuan and 310,000 US dollars. The landing of the currency business marks a major breakthrough in the financing business of the cross-border financial blockchain platform. It is the first local financial institution in Guangxi to handle financing business on the platform. It is reported that the cross-border financial blockchain service platform is built by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and uses blockchain technology such as distributed storage and asymmetric encryption to solve the trust and security problems of transactions. The platform covers enterprise financing application, bank financing acceptance, financing audit and registration and lending full-process services. It closely matches the bank's existing international trade and business process, and realizes online verification of the authenticity, available quota and use status of customs declaration. Effectively solve the problem of background authenticity auditing in the process of corporate financing.