China Times: Non-small profit model or suspected violation

According to the China Times News, the person in charge of a digital currency exchange revealed to reporters that the current non-small fee is about 3 BTCs. If you want to participate in the ranking, you need to continue to “recharge”. Regarding the above statement, the non-small person in charge denied it and repeatedly claimed that the company only made technology and did not make transactions. However, when the reporter tried to further inquire about the non-small profit model, the person in charge stopped talking. "Protection is a fake, making money is true." The person in charge of the above-mentioned digital currency exchange said that the main profit models of non-small numbers are advertising fees, inclusion fees and ranking fees. It is worth noting that non-small numbers have also issued their own digital currency BQT. However, since then, the non-small version has not directly issued BQT, but the “strategic cooperation” of the same digital currency market content community named “BQI”, which is issued by BQI, namely BQT. Then non-small re-access to this token becomes a link in its ecosystem. In the official announcement of the non-small, BQT was described as a “community interest certificate” and stated that there was no other use other than that. But in fact, the real use of BQT is not the case, but is used as a kind of “token” by the non-small number to pay the project party or the exchange, and finally convert it into “candy” to attract users to register. , login is not a small number. In addition, all the information that is included in the non-small number has the website address or contact information of the project party or the exchange, which also greatly facilitates investors' participation in the hype.