Atlas of the first phase of the Coinsuper CS Hub was launched, and the ONT channel was completely robbed in 72 seconds!

On April 22nd at 20:00 (GMT+8), Coinsuper (Chengcheng) CS Hub's first subscription project Atlas was launched. The first batch of 17 million ATLS was opened and 10% was used for ONT exchange. After sweeping in the line, it was swept away in just 72 seconds! A total of 476 people snapped up successfully, and the per capita winning amount was 2100 USD. It is understood that the ATLS airdrop activity registration for ONT positions will expire at 18:00 tomorrow, and the snapshot time will be set at 12:00 on April 24th. For details, please pay attention to the "Ontology Ontology" WeChat public account reply keyword "activity" View.