Seminar on "Block-Based Cross-Border E-Commerce Online Dispute Resolution" was held

According to People's Daily News, on the 20th, the United Nations "blockchain-based cross-border e-commerce online disputes co-sponsored by China Silk Road Group Co., Ltd., United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy The “Resolve” (BODR) project seminar was held in Beijing. UNCTAD officials and experts and scholars in the fields of science, technology, law, insurance, and e-commerce in China have discussed the use of blockchain technology to build cross-border e-commerce dispute resolution mechanisms. According to the agreement signed by UNCTAD and Silk Road Group, the two parties will cooperate to use the blockchain technology to build a platform for depositing evidence and evidence for cross-border e-commerce, thereby reducing the difficulty of dispute arbitration and protecting consumer rights more effectively. Among them, China Silk Road Group will provide technical support for programs such as blockchain technology, while UNCTAD provides corresponding legal support. Yan Lijin, chairman of Silk Road Group, said that at present, using blockchain technology to solve cross-border e-commerce online disputes may be an effective method.