Economic Daily: China's blockchain has "four major aspects" and "six bottlenecks" in manufacturing

The Economic Daily published today's article "The blockchain empowers the digital economy and the deep integration of the real economy". The article points out that some enterprises in China have begun to explore the application of blockchain in the manufacturing sector, mainly in four aspects: 1. Blockchain + intelligent manufacturing" rapid rise; 2, "blockchain + supply chain finance" is in the ascendant; 3, "blockchain + industrial Internet" has great potential; 4, "blockchain + product traceability" prospects can be expected. In addition, the article emphasizes that the application of China's blockchain in the manufacturing sector is still in its infancy. At present, the blockchain still faces bottlenecks in the industrial field, including: 1. The lack of typical innovative applications of blockchains that can be scaled up; 2. The difficulty in balancing node size, performance, and fault tolerance; 3. Cross-chain There are still obstacles in the interconnection of the system; 4. The consistency of information between the data on the chain and the chain is difficult to guarantee; 5. The lack of a unified application standard for blockchain technology; 6. The network infrastructure needs further improvement.