Jinguan editorial: New technology is always accompanied by a bubble, alert to the place to take the blockchain "cut amaranth"

Economic Observer Online published an editorial article today, "Warning the place to take the blockchain "cutting the leeks", said: The blockchain showed us two very different pictures. On the one hand, many companies are actively trying to use innovative applications based on blockchain technology; on the other hand, the concept of “virtual currency”, “blockchain mall” and “blockchain game”, new bottled wine, is actually A variety of "cut amaranth". For those who wear blockchain technology vests, illegally absorbing public funds in the name of innovation and infringing on public rights, supervision should take responsibility. In this regard, we should strengthen supervision and coordination, speed up the shortcomings, and avoid regulatory gaps and blind spots.
The landing of new technologies is always accompanied by bubbles. This is almost inevitable. Regulation has a clear understanding and judgment on this. In this competition, more attention needs to be paid to the hands of the executive and the financial funds. We are worried about the decision of local officials to shoot their heads, lack of sufficient scientific spirit and respect for the law, more out of quick success and great success. The enthusiasm of the market always goes through a process of de-authentication, returning to rationality in trial and error, and giving final judgments to various investors. Such a cost, the market is willing to pay. But for those personally driven by the political achievements and large financial funds, the decision-making department may have to be vigilant.