Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group Special Study Session: Focus on NPC Work and Blockchain Technology

This afternoon, the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee held a special study meeting of the Theoretical Learning Center Group (expanded), and invited the member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the Vice President of the Chinese Law Society, Zheng Shuna, as a counseling report on “Promoting the Work and Construction of the New Era People's Congress”, Professor of Zhejiang University, China Academician Chen Chun of the Academy of Engineering gave a counseling report on the status and trends of blockchain technology development. Chen Chun analyzed the current development status, rules and characteristics of the current blockchain technology, and the important role of blockchain technology in building a network power, developing the digital economy, and assisting economic and social development. The clerk put forward countermeasures and suggestions on the application of blockchain technology, especially the opinions on improving the technical ability of using and managing blockchain.