Bitcoin fell 11% on two days, a generation of God machine ant mining machine S9 is in jeopardy

On the 21st, the first block of the blockchain, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, was successfully listed on NASDAQ, but it was indeed the slamming of the cryptocurrency investors for Jia Nan’s singer.

On the evening of the 21st, Bitcoin suddenly plunged 8%. On the second day alone, at 7pm on the 22nd, Bitcoin fell again about 6%, and the price was $7,154. This means that Bitcoin fell about 11% in two days.

At the same time, the mainstream currency and the altcoin also plummeted across the board, with the same decline as Bitcoin.

So, is the miner extremely sensitive to the currency price?

Coin print

▲Image from the official website of the coin printing

As can be seen from the official website of the coin printing, there are already 12 kinds of mining machines that have reached the shutdown price. There are 18 types of mining machines that account for more than 70% of the cost of mining.

Among them, on the premise that the electricity fee is 0.33 yuan per watt, the ant S9 13T version shuts down the price of 41208 yuan. At present, its daily income is only 2.5 yuan.

However, with the end of the flood season, the dry season will come, and the cost of electricity will reach 0.38 yuan or even 0.4 yuan. This is a nightmare for many miners.

The fisherman of the fish pond (F2pool) said that the S9 can still survive.

Currently, the ant mining machine S9 provides about 60% of the computing power for Bitcoin, and the exit of the S9 may have a significant impact on the bitcoin computing power.

However, at present, it is not very scientific to only reverse the bitcoin shutdown price from mining costs. And regardless of the cost of different miners. Miners can fully stabilize their returns through hedging in the futures market, thereby increasing their ability to resist risks.

At present, the coin printing website shows that the top three producers of Bitcoin mining machine are Avalon A1166, Shenma Mining M20S and Core T3+. But from the fish pond data, the latest S17+ ants are equal to the Avalon A1166.

If you look at the price of the shutdown currency, the Bitcoin mining machine has basically been updated. With the introduction of more high-powered, low-power mining machines, the old generation of mining machines will soon withdraw from the historical stage at the current price.

So, is the current computing power of Bitcoin falling? From the data of QKL123, on October 24, the bitcoin computing power reached the highest 108.57EH/S. Since then, the computing power has begun to decline, and currently it is around 90EH/S.

Some analysts believe that the current mining miner's mining cost is about 6,000 US dollars, but this does not prove that, assuming that bitcoin continues to fall, 6000 US dollars will be the lowest point.