IRISnet initiated the main network upgrade to v0.16 proposal, adding HTLC and Coinswap modules

At 21:00 on November 22, 2019 Beijing time, IRISnet initiated the chain upgrade proposal for the main network IRIS Hub. IRIS users can vote on the proposal through the Rainbow wallet, and the voting time is limited to 5 days. After the vote is passed, IRIS Hub will officially switch the version and complete the upgrade at the block height of 3447000 (expected around 22 o'clock on November 29th, Beijing time). After the upgrade, the main network will open the NÜWA network stage in the road map. . By then, IRIS Hub will not only include atomic switching, Uniswap and other new features that can better support DeFi, but also new features such as Snapshot that are welcomed by the certifier node.