Xiao Wei: Small virtual currency exchanges are more risky, virtual currency trading all kinds of original sin

According to the China Business News, Xiao Wei, research director of the China Banking Law Society, stressed: "It is not only ICO that will violate the law. The virtual currency exchange will have risks even if it does not involve ICO, and fraud is only one of the risks. Others such as pyramid schemes. The risk of illegally absorbing public deposits and other crimes, so-called small cryptocurrency exchanges may also exist, and in a sense may be higher, because small ones are more profitable and take more risks." Xiao Wei once wrote The bitcoin-led virtual currency undoubtedly tests the financial management capabilities of the world's major countries. Virtual currency and related supporting platforms and distribution methods have the necessity of criminal law. The original sin of the virtual currency exchange may include: illegal business crimes, illegal public deposits, fraud (such as internal and external collusion insider trading is suspected of this crime), money laundering, theft, illegal computer information system crimes.