Brokerage China: The "digital currency" regular army is about to enter the market, asking for 50,000 people

The brokerage China today published "The Encirclement and Suppression" has just begun, the regular army is about to enter the market, and the offer price is 50,000." The article revealed that as of November 22, two of China's three major digital currency exchanges were official Weibo. Blocked, a family was filed for review by the court. On the morning of November 22, the central bank's digital currency progressed again. The People's Bank of China's Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Co., Ltd. released 2019 recruitment information, which showed that the main recruitment positions include data center manager, security and password research specialist, and advanced network. Engineers, architects (platform, mobile), blockchain technical directors, blockchain architects, blockchain R&D engineers, big data R&D engineers, etc. It is reported that these positions have a minimum monthly salary of 50,000. It is worth mentioning that at the 20th China Economic 50 Forum held in Shenzhen, Zhu Min, dean of the National Finance Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said on November 22 that if the digital currency is not issued, central banks will face great pressure. Includes pressure from the market. Huang Yiping, deputy dean of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, believes that mastering the global digital currency will have a large impact on the global payment and monetary system. Participation in competition includes not only central banks but also some less formal. The NGOs and institutions, he believes that the Chinese central bank's research preparation is sufficient, it is likely to become the first to officially issue the central bank's digital currency.