Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee: actively seize the "5G × AI × blockchain" and other air outlets

This morning, 2019 Netease Future Conference opened in Hangzhou. Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said in his opening speech that the future of Hangzhou will be fostered in the future industry of cross-border integration, leading the era and huge energy levels. We will actively seize the “5G+4 base” and “5G”. ×AI × blockchain and other air outlets, constantly improve the innovation chain, industry chain, talent chain, capital chain, policy chain "five-chain integration" ecosystem, and vigorously support the majority of enterprises and makers to enter the future industry new blue sea, gestation More future factories that can meet individual manufacturing, customized services, artistic needs, and online interactions, realize more subversive innovations from 0 to 1, and iterative innovations from 1 to N, and strive to build the nation's first digital economy and The new era of manufacturing is strong.