Legal person: Domestic virtual currency trading platform "going out to sea" is not "safe"

According to the China Business Network, people in the encryption industry told reporters that for the sake of "security", the operation team of the domestic virtual currency trading platform will choose to "go to the sea", leaving only a pure technology development team in China. In response to the views of the above-mentioned industry people, some legal persons told reporters that this situation is to cover up theft, and the so-called "security" is not safe. China's jurisdiction over ICO behavior forms a closed loop, leaving technicians to solve problems. Technicians are also acts of helping crimes, and of course they belong to territorial jurisdiction. Even if all of them are overseas, they will fall within the jurisdiction of the individual. Further, the relevant personnel of the exchange completely renounce Chinese nationality and may fall into the jurisdiction of protection. Finally, if money laundering is involved, the universal jurisdiction will also be in the field of counter-terrorism.