Bright sword virtual currency! Multi-local supervision of the hand-coin security, the wave field official micro-enclosed digital coins collectively fled

Source: Securities Times

Author: Li Xiang

Recently, Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Henan and other places have been supervised by the “swords”, and the activities related to digital currency transactions have been thoroughly investigated. At the same time, the currency security, the wave field official microblogging was blocked. In addition, the Beijing police recently cracked the illegal digital currency exchange BISS (coin market) and characterized it as illegal fund-raising fraud. This is the case of the first virtual currency exchange in the currency circle. Insiders close to the regulatory level revealed to reporters: "The wave of catching the currency has just begun."

Affected by the news, in the past 24 hours, bitcoin prices have plummeted to the lowest level in six months, falling below 7,000 US dollars, the lowest fell to 6790 US dollars.

Earlier, Securities Times reporter in-depth reports on the currency exchange currency currency chaos (specifically, please poke: called the double 11 riches 100 times! Blockchain boom under the currency circle chaos investigation: air coins, pull the head, cut the leek, the cottage "Exchange" group dances, the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other media also focus on blockchain chaos, calling on investors to be wary of digital currency scams.

It is worth mentioning that many digital currency exchanges in the market have begun to reduce publicity, and in the community to inform the group members to be low-key recently. Not only that, but also a number of altcoins, which means that the assets of these altcoin investors are instantly zeroed. "We have an alarm, but the deceived people are scattered throughout the country, and the police do not accept it." The speculators told reporters.

The digital currency plunged collectively, and Bitcoin fell below the minimum of 7,000 US dollars. ▲▲▲

In the past 24 hours, digital currencies have staged a collective plunge. The currency security market software showed that Bitcoin fell to a minimum of $6,790, the lowest level in six months. As of press time, the bitcoin price was reported at $7,244, and it fell by $410.63 within 24 hours, that is, one bitcoin evaporated RMB 2874. yuan.

According to information and trading platform, the top ten digital currencies with market capitalization fell collectively on Friday.

Clear action! The virtual currency "net net" continues to ▲▲▲

Recently, with the promotion of blockchain technology, virtual currency speculation has shown signs of rising. Some enterprises organize virtual currency transactions in the name of “blockchain innovation”; issue virtual currency in the form of “xx coins” and “xx chains” on the grounds of “blockchain application scenarios”, etc., to raise funds or Virtual currency assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum; providing publicity, drainage, agency trading services for ICO projects and virtual currency trading platforms registered overseas, and even some illegal organizations fraudulently issuing or promoting legal digital currency in the name of the People’s Bank of China, Under the "legal digital currency" scams to defraud investors money.

On November 10th, Securities Times reporters carried out in-depth reports on the chaos of these currency circles. People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other media also called on investors to be wary of digital currency scams.

Recently, Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other places have also been “swords”, and the activities of digital currency exchanges have been thoroughly investigated.

On November 11, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Industrial and Information Technology Department issued a notice on the joint inspection of the virtual currency "mining" enterprises to clean up and rectify the situation. The notice said that the autonomous regional joint inspection team went to some of the leagues to "mining" enterprises for virtual currency. Clean up and rectify the situation for joint inspection.

The main content of the inspection is to find out the virtual currency “mining” enterprises that have nothing to do with the real economy, evade supervision, and consume more energy, and enjoy the preferential policies of local electricity price, land and taxation in the “big data industry” package. .

On November 13, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision issued the “Risk Tips on Unauthorized Trading Activities of Branches of Trading Sites”.

The "tips" clearly pointed out: "If there is a foreign exchange trading venue (focusing on financial asset exchanges) branches operating activities in Beijing, it is a violation of business practices."

In fact, almost all digital currency exchanges operating in China, servers are located overseas, and registered shell companies overseas. Strictly speaking, they all belong to the “foreign exchange place”.

On November 14, under the leadership of the Shanghai Mutual Rehabilitation Office, the Shanghai Financial Stability Joint Office and the Shanghai Headquarters of the People's Bank of China jointly issued the Notice on the Implementation of the Renovation of Virtual Currency Trading Places.

The notice shows that the focus of this remediation is on virtual currency-related activities, including virtual currency transactions, currency and fundraising, as well as advocacy and drainage for exchanges registered overseas. According to the relevant arrangements of the National Mutual Remediation Office, the Mutual Gold Remediation Offices in each jurisdiction will conduct a virtual currency-related activity and complete the work before November 22.

On November 21st, the Office of the Leading Group for Special Remediation of Internet Financial Risks in Shenzhen issued a risk warning on the prevention of illegal activities of “virtual currency”, and notified the District Rehabilitation Office, Qianhai Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The Bureau of Economic Investigation and the Municipal Communications Administration and other units jointly carried out the investigation and rectification of virtual currency trading places.

It is reported that the action will focus on three activities: first, providing virtual currency trading services or opening virtual currency trading places in China; second, providing service channels for overseas virtual currency trading places, including services such as drainage and agency trading; Sell ​​tokens in various names, raise funds for investors or virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The latest information shows that the local financial supervision bureau of Shenzhen has passed through the coffin system to detect 39 enterprises suspected of carrying out illegal activities of virtual currency.

At present, two of China's three major digital currency exchanges have been blocked by official Weibo.

On November 13th, the official Weibo of the official website was blocked due to violation of laws and regulations and the Weibo Community Convention. It is worth noting that while the official Weibo is blocked, the content and number of fans in the account are also cleared.

On November 15th, the official Weibo “wavefield TRON official blog” was blocked. The page shows that the account has been closed due to violations of laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Convention.

In addition, according to the reporter's understanding, the Beijing police broke the illegal digital currency exchange BISS and characterized it as “illegal fund-raising fraud” and arrested 10 suspects and even interns who have been employed for several months.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days, major exchanges have begun to bulk off the altcoin. For example, the Biki exchange previously reported by the Securities Times reporter responded after the report was issued, saying that the company has already failed to meet the standards. The first batch of disposals was done, and the second batch of currencies will be removed in the near future. This also makes people have to question Biki's qualification review of the project side when issuing tokens.

The bulk of the currency, which means that the currency can not be traded, the funds invested by the speculators are all zero. Some speculators said to reporters, "Under the shelf, who are we going to lose? We go to the police, but the police do not accept it, because investors are scattered throughout the country, it is difficult to concentrate on the police."

The head exchange currency has recently begun to remove some of the altcoins, and many of the virtual coins that have been removed are recently released.

Some speculators told reporters that in recent days, almost every day, there was a news that which virtual currency exchange could not withdraw coins.

On November 6, the GGBTC exchange, which is gravitationally driven by technology, cannot raise coins. The website is no longer accessible.

On November 6th, the Newton exchange where the mainstream currency changed to the platform currency could not be raised.

On November 11th, PLUS TOKEN's imitation, MGEX, which saves money, cannot raise coins.

Some insiders told reporters that "even if the virtual currency exchange does not want to shut down the network, it will be run bankrupt. After all, in addition to the mainstream currency, the virtual currency exchange has some platform coins (air coins) produced by the exchange itself. Where does the exchange go to find so many mainstream currencies and cash reserves for investors to run on, after all, the exchange is not a bank, there is no reserve."

Named the virtual currency exchange, it is actually "funds" ▲▲▲

According to the speculators, after BiKi was reported by the mainstream media, another net red exchange, Matcha (MXC), also used VDS and other resonance coins, and the air currency was used for two-way harvesting. Behind the boss Chen Jian used his own market value management and stealing. The construction of the rat warehouse and other frequent recruitment of investors and project parties, the current Chengdu matcha technology office is also investigated by the Chengdu Economic Investigation, but the founder Chen Jian is no longer in the country.

According to public information, as of now, Matcha has launched more than 165 currencies and 220 transactions, but in August 2018, the number of currencies on Matcha was 34, and most of the non-mainstream currencies have been released. frame.

On November 22nd, the Matcha platform is still taking off several altcoins.

The history of Matcha dates back to April 2018, but at that time the entire virtual currency circle was under the bear market due to domestic supervision, so the Matcha Exchange has been tepid. In February 2019, the Matcha Exchange changed its strategy and launched the VDS Resonance Coin. After two months on the line, the VDS rose nearly 20 times. To explore the VDS model, the main trading method is to use Bitcoin to exchange VDS coins. At the promotion level, the typical MLM model is adopted. On the one hand, the price of the currency has skyrocketed, and on the other hand, the pyramid scheme has been promoted. The head of the VDS has been brought in and the VDS has brought a lot of traffic to Matcha.

After the VDS, Matcha has successively launched a variety of resonant coins such as LDS, HDS, and FDS, and the same way, these resonance coins have been questioned by the market from beginning to end without any practical value, called resonance, which is actually a “funding disk”. The Matcha Exchange has also begun to be called the “funds exchange”.

Resonance is a new "financing" model of the currency circle, which was first proposed by the VDS project. The core gameplay of VDS lies in "resonance bitcoin". The simple understanding is that the user converts "VDS" in one-way bitcoin. The earlier the person who participates in the resonance exchanges the higher the proportion of the resonance coin, the lower the time until the end of the resonance. So this is a typical pyramid pyramid structure. The earlier the risk of participation, the lower the risk. Once the end of the resonance is over, the number of participants is reduced, and the big households have absorbed enough chips to start selling.

After seeing the actual benefits brought by the VDS on the Matcha Exchange, Biki also started to go online VDS, relying on the MLM to conduct the drainage. VDS briefly rose after hitting the Biki line and hit a high of $12. As of November 23, the VDS price was shown to be US$0.613 (approximately RMB 4.877), with a cumulative decline of up to 95%.

Biki CEO Li Xiandong's star project, VDS, has a total circulation of 2.1 billion pieces and raised more than 1.3 billion yuan. Li Xiandong said that his actual trading volume exceeded 20 million yuan.

Most of the currencies of the above two exchanges were launched after February 2019, and after crazy money, they started to frantically.

In the face of Biki's controversial cottage currency like VDS, Li Xiandong said in an interview that living is king and should be innovative.

"It is a matter of time before the currency circle is severely investigated. The pheasant exchange is flooded. The project side wears the fake technique of the "blockchain" coat, so that the currency circle once again plays the atmosphere of amaranth crying, not to mention the currency, Exchanges such as BIKI and Matcha have been full of negatives, and they should be severely punished. "The insiders of the currency circle told reporters.

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