Puhua Capital Jiang Chun: Blockchain is suitable for all information management systems

Babbitt reported on the scene, on November 23, "2019 Netease Future Conference" was held in Hangzhou. On the roundtable forum with the theme “The Future of Blockchains”, Mr. Babbitt, the editor-in-chief of Babbitt and the initiator of the blockchain chain, Tang Xialing was invited to host the round table. Jiang Chun, a managing partner of Puhua Capital, believes that the blockchain is suitable for all information management systems. It can solve the data problems in management, ensure the correctness of instructions in management, and ensure the rigid execution of transactions. Yang Linyuan, managing partner of Dfund, pointed out that the most important thing in society is trust. The problems of intermediate institutions are serious. Blockchain can bring trust to some organizations that need strong trust. Gu Feiyong, head of Netease's blockchain business, said he is optimistic about the development of the industrial blockchain in government, supply chain finance and IoT.