Netease Future Conference Site Yang Dong: Value realization will become the core issue of the industrial blockchain

Babbitt News, November 23, 2019 Netease Future Conference officially opened in Hangzhou. In this afternoon's "The Future of Blockchain" round table, Yang Dong, director of the Blockchain Research Center of Renmin University of China, said that the industrial blockchain should be shared with the government's data, and then shared with corporate data after sharing. Producing value and how value is realized will become the core issue of the industrial blockchain. Other guests at the round table include Gu Feiyong, head of the Netease Planet Blockchain business, Jiang Chun, managing partner of Puhua Capital, Yang Linyuan, managing partner of Dfund, and vice president, editor-in-chief, and listener blockchain of the round table host. Founder Tang Xialing.