Li Maocai, general manager of blockchain technology in Tencent: the blockchain industry needs compound talents

The 21st High-Tech Fair just closed. Tencent's general manager of blockchain technology and Tencent's technical expert Li Maocai participated in a special discussion, interacted with the guests, and answered questions from reporters on the spot. Li Maocai said that in the direction of industry + blockchain, compound talents are also needed. How the blockchain is applied to the industry is a very difficult point. Just like the combination of Internet technology, information technology and industry, it has also gone through a process. In recent years, many domestic teams have made innovative attempts to find nails with a hammer, which is why we cannot penetrate technology and industry. At present, we need typical compound talents. Only by understanding the industry and knowing the technology, can we truly connect the core strengths of technology with the real pain points of the industry, and do a real custom design to bring out the power of technology. Blockchain applications can make a real breakthrough.