After a year of silence, what changes have happened to the Netease blockchain? | Interview with Babbitt

“The blockchain uses technical means to build a trust base. Through new synergy and connection models and new value distribution methods, new product, operation and business models will be created. The blockchain is still not perfect, but there is no limit in the future. ”

On November 23, the “ 2019 NetEase Future Conference ” jointly hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's Government and Netease Company was opened at Hangzhou International Expo Center. In the afternoon “blockchain+real economy” forum, Gu Feiyong, head of Netease Planet Blockchain business, delivered a speech entitled “The Value and Future of Blockchain”. At the end of the speech, he summed up the above paragraph.


Babbitt understands that at present, Netease's business segments mainly include interactive entertainment (Netease games), education (Netease has a good way), music (Netease cloud music), e-commerce (Netease strictly selected) and the media (Netease News) . On November 21st, NetEase released its third-quarter earnings report. Netease's online game business revenue reached 11.535 billion yuan, accounting for 78.8% of total revenue.

Relying on Netease Ecology , the NetEase blockchain has been explored and practiced for nearly two years , forming a product matrix in the fields of games, personal data, and community , including:

The "Netease Planet APP" launched in February 2018 is a "blockchain + personal data" product. Encrypted and stored personal data privacy based on blockchain technology, and created data-winding scenarios in conjunction with games, music, e-commerce, education and other products in the NetEase ecosystem to help users realize the commercialization of personal data values.


"Fuxi Tongbao", which was launched in September 2018, is a "blockchain + game" product. By establishing a new type of game asset management standard, Fuxi Tongbao can achieve cross-server and cross-game flow. The blockchain enables the game's central server and all users to record the flow of the process, and the right to speak is equal, increasing the level of trust between the two parties. At present, Fuxi Tongbao has opened a variety of games such as "Reverse Water Cold", "Ghost Story", "Meteor Butterfly Sword", "Scorpio".


In May 2019, the small program "Placing Flags and Punching Cards" was a "blockchain + community" product. The punching contract realized through smart contracts guarantees trust and financial security within the community. At present, the number of punches has exceeded 1 million, and the number of active players in the flag-adding program has exceeded 100,000.


The NBAA platform of the Planetary Blockchain, which was launched in September 2018, is a blockchain service independently developed by the Netease Blockchain team. Provide partners with secure, high-speed, and stable alliance chain services, including industrial Internet, supply chain finance, traceability source, and data privacy. At present, it has been implemented in multiple scenarios, with more than 1 billion transaction data.


After the speech, Gu Feiyong accepted an interview with Babbitt. The following is an interview:

Babbitt: On October 25th, after the news of the Central Political Bureau collectively learned the blockchain, what is the reaction inside the Netease blockchain?

Gu Feiyong : Our reaction at the time was very exciting, and there was a feeling of “staying in the clouds and seeing the moon”. We have been quiet for a year, and this year is really tormenting. The entire blockchain industry is also in the cold winter. However, we have always believed that the blockchain is a very important outlet for the next decade. This track must be right. General Secretary Xi’s speech has played a role as a tonic, and it must be correct to follow the country.

Babbitt: What changes have been made to the business development of the NetEase blockchain this month?

Gu Feiyong : The blockchain business of to B (for enterprises) is easier to advance. Previous B-side companies were not too daring to work with us because of concerns about such risks. Now our country is doing two things. First, General Secretary Xi has positioned the blockchain as a national strategy. Second, it is to clean up the currency circle. The former currency circle is a bad currency to drive out good money. The people who really do the blockchain are questioned. And now it is the original source, the industry is slowly getting better.

Babbitt: What is the current operation status of Netease Planet?

Gu Feiyong : Now is the state of re-emphasizing, the specific operational data is not convenient to announce, after all, after a year of silence, there is nothing particularly good to talk about. When we make a point, let's talk to you.

Babbitt: Can you talk about virtual asset management in Fuxi Tongbao?

Gu Feiyong : We believe this is a new game concept. The currency that was previously released in the game has a life cycle, and the player does not want the value of his currency to end with the end of the game's life cycle. We hope to establish the standard of virtual asset management for games through Fuxi Tongbao. This kind of virtual asset management, one is to establish a trust relationship with the user through credit, and the other is to open up the value of the player's contribution in each game, and realize the value transfer between games.

Babbitt: Given this, is it possible to launch a game virtual asset exchange?

Gu Feiyong : I think the value is not big. Many people especially emphasize the exchange, and feel that if there is no exchange, the project will not be able to continue. We are very fortunate that we did not go to the exchange because it is a double-edged sword. A project originally wanted to land, but once it was on the exchange, it was unwilling to do the project. If you want to promote liquidity, there are auction houses in the game, players can trade between them, and Fuxi Tongbao's virtual props form a closed loop without the need to link with the RMB.

Babbitt: In which scenes does the Planet Blockchain platform have actual applications?

Gu Feiyong : The current platform of the planetary blockchain platform is currently our three Netease internal products. It has just opened up its external output capability, and other enterprises are also negotiating and need a certain amount of time to land.

Babbitt: What experience has been summarized in the process of exploring the application of the NetEase blockchain?

Gu Feiyong : The experience mainly comes from the value of the blockchain I mentioned today. I have to think about the pain points that are not available in the non-blockchain, and to find new ways of connecting and distributing benefits.