Babbitt column Yangu Yanxi: Blockchain technology will push the development of the film industry to new heights

Gu Yanxi, dean of the CBX Research Institute, published a column today saying that blockchain technology and 5G technology will push the film industry to a new level of development, bringing about earth-shaking changes. From the point of view of blockchain technology, there is still much room for improvement in the delivery of film-centric media. The current film market distribution channel, whether it is a cinema channel or a streaming media channel, is still a very large cost for film product distribution. Blockchain technology supports direct transactions between peers on the Internet. Therefore, it is now possible to apply blockchain technology to film product distribution channels to support direct transactions between consumer users and movie product providers. In the future, it is very likely that there will be a coalition of related parties in the film industry, including film producers and distributors, who determine the rules of the alliance on an equal basis and fund digital cinema on the blockchain. Raise and distribute work. Since the work is done on this chain, the efficiency is much higher than the existing model, and it can reach more users on a global scale. Moreover, this blockchain will definitely use the alliance chain.

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